Though life we cross many thresholds, big and small. 

Some changes are joyous.  Some are sad.  Often there’s a mixture of feelings as we take on new roles in our family and community.  Sometimes there are familiar rituals to guide us as we begin to integrate what has happened.

Death and mourning are natural human experiences.  But most of us have grown up in a culture which denies the reality of death and doesn’t support us to process our feelings about it.  

So, when we are faced with the death of someone we love we are often unprepared, uninformed, shocked and vulnerable.  Unfortunately, assumptions about what is required for a funeral may not actually serve our needs.  Customs may not echo our true values or effectively support us in our grief.

A good funeral does not have to be expensive, but it does require sensitivity, thoughtfulness and careful planning.



An independent celebrant can help

Everyone is different, and a good celebrant ensures that the funeral genuinely honours the individual and those they love.

You are free to have whatever music, words, rituals, flowers and other creative elements you need to reflect your beliefs and those of the person who has died.  I’ll help you find what will work for you. 

You can hold the ceremony anywhere you like.  It does not have to be at the crematorium which can be impersonal and where time is always a constraint; nor in church if you are not a churchgoer.  The burial or cremation can be part of the ceremony, or take place at a different time.

Together, we’ll create a respectful, meaningful occasion. This could be traditional, shiny and black, or it could be more contemporary and creative.  An elaborate affair is sometimes appropriate, but a simple funeral can be very beautiful.  It’s up to you, and I will help you identify and achieve whatever is right for you and your family.

I’ll liaise with the funeral director, and help you prepare for whatever you’ve chosen. I’ll lead the ceremony we have created together, and help you to be present to the life transition you are experiencing.