Kent celebrant services & fees

A funeral for someone you love

This can be an extremely stressful and busy time, but do try not to rush anything.  It’s important to give yourself time to make well informed decisions – a wisely created funeral ceremony is something to cherish.  It honours the unique life of the person who has died, and supports everyone as you begin to adjust to the change which has happened. I will support and guide you throughout.

Our service includes:

I’ll spend time with you at your home, or elsewhere, talking about the person who has died, and discussing ideas for the ceremony.

We will then communicate by phone and email and work on the ceremony until it feels ‘right’ for you.

This will include considering a venue and how you want it to look and feel, as well as the structure and content of the ceremony.

I’ll help you to find music, readings & poems. It doesn’t all have to be about death – a successful ceremony also truly celebrates what the person brought to their life.

If you’d like me to write a Eulogy which accurately evokes the life of the individual who has died, I will probably meet with you again to more fully understand the person who has died, and speak to others who knew them.  If someone else is going to write the Eulogy or compose a tribute, I can help.

I’ll conduct the ceremony in the place of your choice.

I’ll bring genuine warmth and presence.

I may do all or some of the speaking and will support others who want to contribute.

I’ll work closely with the funeral director so that all goes smoothly.

I will write the complete script for the ceremony and give you a copy afterwards.


Fee: £220 for each ceremony plus travel expenses

(This is normally paid through the Funeral Director, but can be invoiced separately)



Preparing for the future

Someone else’s funeral

Most of us will have to arrange a funeral for a loved one at some point in our lives, and it doesn’t get easier because we have delayed thinking about it!  In fact, doing some research and giving careful thought to the matter beforehand will mean that you can create an occasion that truly meets your needs, instead of making important decisions when you are stressed.  I can help you explore all the possibilities with an open mind and heart, so you are well prepared and have a framework to support you when the person dies.


Your own funeral

Giving some thought to one’s own funeral can help resolve anxieties and, when the time comes, to meet death with inner peace.  I can help you explore your thoughts and feelings and, if you wish, to begin to make plans with your family.  This is not about buying goods and services in advance, but giving careful attention to what will be best for everyone.


Healing the past

Some people have experienced funerals which were unsatisfactory and have found it hard to move on. For instance, when a child has not been fully included in a family death, or had no part in the funeral of someone who was dear to them, it can have a lasting effect into their adulthood. Creating a special ceremony or ritual for today can go some way towards healing these kinds of wounds, and I am happy to explore the possibilities with you.

Fee: £60 for each interview (about an hour) plus travel expenses. If further work is needed, we will agree fees as appropriate.